Automatic Programmable Digital Water Timer 3″ Large Screen IP65 Waterproof For Garden Lawn Watering System Irrigation Timer

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Item Description


-Time setting: You can set watering time and current time.
-watering time: the minimum single watering time can be set to 1 second, and the longest single watering time is 300 minutes.
-watering cycle: 1-23h, 1 day and 2 days … the longest cycle is 15 days.
-LCD screen: You can see the countdown display of the next watering and cut off the power.
-Delay in rainy days: If you want to delay in rainy days, just press the button to water.
-low power consumption: two AA batteries can be used for more than 1 year.
-rainproof: it can be installed outdoors vertically.
-temporary watering function: it will not affect the set program.


Power supply: 3V, 2 AA batteries (not included)
Material: abs
Weight: about 550G
Dimensions: refer to the details page

Package content:

1 * Irrigator
1 * English instruction manual

Flexible Irrigation Programming:

This Water Timer’s watering time: 1s-59s, 1min-300min, watering frequency: 1h-23h, 15 days a day. Compared with most timers in the market, the shortest watering time is only 1 minute at most. Our water timer can reach 1 second, which is suitable for watering flowers. The slowest watering frequency is 15 days, which is very suitable for cactus, aloe and other plants with low water demand. Especially in winter, the watering frequency of many plants will be reduced.

Waterproof and durable

IP65 waterproof. This water timer is equipped with a new pneumatic seal assembly and top connector. The top connector is made of 30% reinforced nylon material, which has more impact resistance and wear resistance than ABS, and can withstand 10kg water pressure, thus greatly avoiding internal leakage. The waterproof battery box cover with built-in rubber ring protects the internal battery. Two sizes of rings are well matched with NPT/UN standard faucets.

Multiple functions

Child lock mode] can effectively avoid accidental triggering by children and pets and prevent waste of water. Our faucet timer provides manual rain delay function to prevent over watering and save a lot of water in rainy days. Allow immediate watering without interrupting your irrigation program. This water timer can be used for drip irrigation system, rain bucket, pet water and sprinkler irrigation.

3-inch large screen and working time of more than 6 months

The sprinkler timer has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen, displaying surprising detailed information; For example, when the next watering cycle starts, the remaining time of the current watering cycle, and so on. The battery indicator can display the remaining battery charge and remind you to replace the battery in time.
Intelligent Power System: This Water Timer’s smart display remaining power to ensure you are aware of the available power. The powerful chip will detect low power supply and shut off hose timer before battery dead.

Additional information

Brand Name


Timer Type

Ac Pro




Garden Water Timers



Model Number

Automatic Watering Timer


3V, 2 AA batteries (not included)


Programmable Timer Drip Irrigation Tool


Intelligent Water Pump Sprinkler System


Garden irrigation tool


automatic watering/garden water


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