25L AC DC12V24V Car Refrigerator Portable Camping Picnic Outdoor Compressor Deep Freezer Mini Fridge Cooler Ice Box Travel Home

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C25W total plasatic shel 25 liters car compressor refrigerator

  • ❄ STORAGE SPACE:26Quart(25 Liter) capacity ,

  • ❄ FREEZES WITHOUT ICE: -4°F(-20°C) deep chilling down performance ,no need ice ever.

  • ❄CAR AND HOME USE:Includes 2 power cables to separately connect with 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC power inputs.Run great with your small solar system as well.

  • ❄ KEEP COOLING AND FRESH:Reliable sealing property construction,thick and high Density Foam Insulation.Continues keep cooling performance during your journey.Fresh all way and super energy saving

Key Features of C25W

  • Suitable for Car and home using work on 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC and run great with your solar system.

  • Can freeze down to -4°F(-20°C) for true car refrigeration and compact fridge at home.

  • 3 stage car battery protection system to prevent the car battery run down.

  • Light in weight;easy for moving.

  • Vibration resistant design to protect the device safety while driving on road.

  • Safe to run on angles up to 30°from horizontal—great for 4WDing!

  • Digital control panel with electronic temperature control.

  • High efficiency compressor with adjustable ECO and HH modes.

Product Details

  • Dimensions:22.44 x 12.6 x 13.9  inches

  • Capacity:26 Quart(25 Liter)


  • 1 X C25W fridge freezer

  • 1 X DC power cord(12/24V)

  • 1 X Adapter for AC power(110v/60hz or 220v/50hz)

  • 1 X Instruction Manunl in English

  • Detailed explanation of operation

  • 1. Press (On/Off) key for 3 seconds to turn on/standby mode

  • 2. Touch the(+ or -) key to adjust the temperature.

  • 3.If the operation panel has not detected any operation  3 seconds after, the temperature display will stop flashing, exit the temperature setting, and save the currently set target ttemperature.

  • 4. In the standby mode, only the (ON/OFF) button can be used others all off

  • 5. In working status, press (SET) key to switch MAX/ECO cooling mode.

  • 6. Temperature conversion: Press (set) and(+) two keys together more than 3 seconds; Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F) temperature switched.

  • 7. Battery protection modes: high, medium, low to protect the car battery. Setting high mode when connect with car battery is highest recommendation. Setting medium and low mode when it connect the others.

  • 8. Note: There has a locker automatically lock the operation panel ;If it is locked, press (set) for 3 seconds to unlock it.

What should pay attention after get it ?

1.Before you upack it please take photos for recorder ,if the car refrigerator have broken inside ,carton broken or not is a very important evdence for claim compensation if you without photos before upack carton there will have a trouble to get compensation if broken happened;;2.please unpack it and let it standby more than 12 hours then you can power on to test it ,otherwise the compressor may have problems ;

How long it will take to cool down to -18C ?

The cooling speed depend on the ambient temperture and how many stuff loaded ;

1. if without loading ,it can be fast as within 1 hour ;2.full loaded around 2-4hours upon different ambient temperture

When broken or others defective things happen what shall we do ?

1. Please contact with us at first ,we will try our best to solve the problems ,don't open a dispute without contact with us !

How long it will take to send the car refrigerator ?

Upon different countries/areas and different shipping channels ,some of them need around 15days ,some of them need around 45days and even some of them need more than 60days ,but please take it easy ,if you can not get it ,your payment will refund fully .Please don't open a dispute if you hadn't get it before your order closed.

Will it come with bluetooth app and how to use it ?

The cost not include the bluetooth app function ,but every orders we will send you the car refrigerator with bluetooth app ,and after you get it ,we will send you the barcode for your downloading the bluetooth app.

Additional information

Brand Name

world cool





Item Weight


Special Features

bluetooth app

Item Width




Mfg Series Number


Model Name


External Testing Certification




Temperature Rating

+20C to -20C

Item Height


Item Length


Material Type


Item Volume


Item Type


Power suppliers

AC 110V & 220V ,DC 12V /24V


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